Friday, November 2, 2012

How To Get The Best For Your Ballot

"Most importantly and exciting date looms ahead on your calendar. On that well-known first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, you, and you, and you, Mr. and Mrs. America, will go to the polls in schoolhouses, barber shops and stores. By marking the ballots or pulling the levers of the voting machines you will tell the politicians and officeholders how you want this country ran."

Good Reading Rack Service, 1956


  1. Just few years ago, WOMEN didn't even have the right to VOTE !! How can U sit at home and NOT go to a voting booth?? People get up a million times JUST to fetch a remote ( they COULD go old school and simply TURN it on by hand ?? ) Also., African Americans who HELPED BUILD this country ....were denied the RIGHT to EVEN be counted as people !! Much less Vote ! THAT IS SO WRONG ON EVERY LEVEL !!! for women, bkack family's, many with equal right !! Now we have a Black President. How awesome is that?? How far we have come.. I am an Italian/Portuguese American Born here in Cali, as was my Sicilian mom,( born in S.F.) and my dad here in San Diego.. BUT People The OLD rules were and ARE NOT OK !!! Please voice your opinion to vote WHO EVER you vote for.. BE HEARD !! God Bless AMERICA !! Maggie