Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Golf Tips

Bill Gordon - The Friendly Grip 
Claude Harmon - Lining Up the Club Face
Mike Turnesa - The Relaxed Address
Peter Thomson - The Position of the Head
Ed Furgol - The Importance of Footwork
Tommy Armour - The Hands at the Top of the Backswing
Julius Boros - Staying Down Over the Shot
Chuck Congdon - The Follow-Through
Willie Hunter - Chipping from the Apron
Johnny Revolta - Hitting Down on the Chip
Cary Middlecoff - The Punch Shot
Joe Belfore - Executing the Trap Shot
Gene Andersen - Curing Shanking
Gene Littler - Waiting for the Club Head in Putting

Good Reading Rack Service, 1955

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