Friday, September 21, 2012

Make Your Savings Work For You

"Suppose that riding home from work one day your car pool pal starts dreaming out loud just as you pass the old Wilson Flour Mill: "Golly, Joe, how'd you like to own a piece of that outfit? I've heard the Wilsons have taken money out of that mill every year for the last forty." You most likely would have come right back: "Have you flipped your lid, Pete? You know as well as I do you could never buy your way into an outfit that pays dividends year after year like that one." And then Pete would probably nod and say: "Yep, I guess you're right." With all respect to the Wilson family, you and Pete are so far wrong it isn't even funny. There are pieces of outfits as good as Wilson's - and better - being bought and sold every day of the week by people exactly like you and Pete."

Alumni Publications & Eugene Beitler, 1954

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