Thursday, October 18, 2012

You Can Have a Better Memory

"In Coral Gables, Florida, recently, a 63 year old woman stepped into the path of a railroad freight train. She was killed, but the man with her leaped aside unharmed. Later he said that they were returning home to pick up the woman's eyeglasses…she had forgotten them at hom. One evening my husband stepped off the bus from the city and walked home briskly. We had dinner and afterwards he retreated to the living room to catch up on some office work. But, alas, his briefcase was nowhere in the house. We looked everywhere, then he remembered...he'd left it on the bus! We phoned the bus line that serves our suburban community. "I'm sure I left my briefcase in the third seat of the 6:01," my husband told the Lost and Found Department. "If you left it, you can pick it up tomorrow at the Department's office in the main terminal," said the man on the other ened. "The driver makes regular trips through the bus picking up all the articles left behind. He turns them in after the day's run. You should see all the stuff we get in here after one day's run!" he said." 

A Help-Your-Self Booklet, 1959

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