Sunday, October 21, 2012

Your Teeth

"Today, with the aid of smiling models, stern white-coated announcers, and animated cartoons, the American dentrifrice industry extols, over millions of television receivers, the virtues of tooth cleanliness. Not only your health, you are warned, but your job and your social life may come to grief should you fail to brush your teeth - with, of course, Gleamo, the only dentifrice containing X-379, the miracle anti-bacterial, anti-enzyme, anti-film, anti-decay, anti-everything agent. Whether these claims are true or not, one thing seems clear: to few Americans know the importance of proper diet and preventative dental care in the campaign against tooth decay. Though this may come as a surprise, our nation has one of the world's worst records in dental health. Nearly twenty percent of our people have or should have false teeth. During World War Two, draft boards rejected about nine percent of our young men because of bad teeth. Our children's teeth decay at the rate of twenty-two million new cavities each year. Obviously we do not know how to take care of our teeth." 

Good Reading Rack Service, 1955

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