Monday, October 15, 2012

Your Aches and Pains

"The slender, attractive little file clerk struggles to open a stuck window in her office. Suddenly, she winces at a shooting pain across her lower back… The tall, brawny machinist starts mowing his lawn on a weekend. For the first time he notices a strange tingling in his fingers, discovers that his knuckles have puffed up... Whoever you are, whatever your job, you've probably felt an expected ache in your joints or muscles at some time or other. Maybe you've passed it off as a trivial "touch or rheumatism." But there's danger in ignoring such aches and pains. Any of them may be a red light, the warning sign of an ailment that may cripple you for months - or for the rest of your life." 

Good Reading Rack Service, 1956

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