Monday, December 17, 2012

How To Buy A Good Used Car

"The first step is to decide what you want a car for. If it is to be a "transportation" car, then all you'll be looking for is economy and dependability - appearance hardly counts. Or you may want a family car good for a number of years. You'll have to pay more for it and your first step should be to scan the used car ads in the paper to see how prices run. If you are thinking of a larger two year old car, you might more profitably settle for a smaller new car at perhaps $150-$250 more. A two year old car is generally one turned in by the two year traders and, of course, they are traded in at that time for a very good reason. For by the the end of its second year a new car is fast approaching the time when a good mechanical overhaul and ring job is needed plus a new set of tires. If you add the cost of these repairs and tires to the price of a larger two year old car, you'll often find you can buy a lighter new car for the same price and enjoy two to three years of freedom from repairs yourself."

Good Reading Rack Service, 1954

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