Friday, December 21, 2012

Thoughts At Christmastime

"Each of us at times feels beaten down by frustrations, overwhelmed by things that seem wrong with the world. The Russians are awful. The atom bomb may blow us up. Taxes are a burden. Public service is full of corruption. Gambling and rackets are widespread. There's crookedness in sports. Youths are drafted - for what? Schools are too crowded. There are traffic jams and floods and airplane crashes. Europe does not appreciate our aid. People are dying of cancer and heart diseases. Children are crippled by polio. Many churches are only half full. Morals are not what they used to be. The world is going to pot - so many of us say to ourselves. But take the blinders off at this holiday season. See the world as a whole, and life as a flowing stream. Look back of the present, and on to the future, to the permanent values that lie beneath the surface of the current goings on. Then you will find within yourself a deeper confidence than you knew, and a practical creed to live by." 

The Kiplinger Washington Agency, Inc., 1954

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