Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Best Friend You Have

"One Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago my friend Jack Balch went down into the village where we live and bought himself a power mower. Now there's nothing out of the ordinary about that. It happens all of the time, you say. You're right, for at precisely that same instant that Jack bought his new power mower - A freckle-faced kid in a Joplin, Mo., sporting goods store, decided that $10.95 was just too much to pay for a new baseball glove. A housewife shopping in Springfield, Mass., felt that a $19.95 dress was good enough for her - even thought it didn't have all the high-styling which brings a higher price in other dress shops....And that's how it went - in every city and hamlet throughout the United States - as similar decisions by the millions were made to buy or not to buy something that Saturday morning."

A Help-Your-Self Booklet, 1959

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