Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How To Be An Expert Driver

"Nearly everyone who has been driving for some years likes to think he is an expert driver. Actual tests, however, show that most drivers tend to overrate their driving ability. Yet anyone who wants to master a skill like golf, tennis, or tap dancing is glad to learn from the professionals. Driving has its professionals, too. The men who drive trucks, buses, taxicabs, ambulances, and police and racing cars for a living are among the world's best drivers. They are on the road day and night under all sorts of weather and traffic conditions; they drive many thousands of miles each year; and they have to be good or they can't keep their jobs. Constant practice enables the best of them to handle an automobile amazingly well and cover hundreds of thousands of miles without accident or collision. This booklet is based on interviews with these professionals."

Birk & Co. Inc., 1954

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