Thursday, January 24, 2013

Now Is Your Chance...To Live

"You're a good driver - as nine out of ten Americans are, these days. It is after sunset, and you're still a long way from home. It's time to turn on your lights. You will, as soon as you get over the next hill. As soon as you pass those two cars ahead. What clucks their drivers are! The farmer in the dusty pick-up truck trundling along in the lead; the timid old couple in the jalopy following him, afraid to pass. You've been trailing them for miles with no chance to get by. In the straightaways, oncoming traffic. On the curves, white lines. But it is late, and the kids are starting to whine, You're about willing to edge over just a few feet of white line, if you can only get going. And now you see your chance coming up. Ahead, a straight hill, with one lone red car just starting down it toward you. By your experienced eye for speeds and distances, you see that the red car will pass your blockers one-third of the way down the slope. And if the rest of the hill is still clear, you'll have space and time to zoom past those two and haul back to your own lane, yards short of the crest. Get ready, then. Gun your trusty engine to make sure she'll respond, as always, with her surger of power. Edge up close behind the jalopy. Now the red car is nearly here. Now it is it's passing! Now, Now, NOW is your chance! Your chance to...what?"

Good Reading Rack Service, 1956

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