Friday, January 25, 2013

More Mileage To You

"Modern gasoline is a miracle of petroleum chemistry. Except for its appearance and price, it is vastly different from a gasoline of 1930, for example. In modern cars designed to utilize it, today's gasoline will develop at least 60 per cent more economy or 30 per cent more power than could 1930 gasoline in 1930 engines. Today, thanks to unceasing research by America's oil companies, the gasoline you can get at your service station approaches in quailty and octane rating the fighter-plane fuel of World War II. And thanks to unceasing technical progress and healthy competition, for your patronage, the price of gasoline today, in terms of the work it can do for you, is less than it was in 1930, even though gasoline taxes have risen about 130 per cent and the average cost of everything else you buy (cost of living) has risen more than 65 per cent."

American Petroleum Institute, no date

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