Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Where To Take Your Troubles

"Everyone has problems. When they're tough, critical and seemingly impossible to solve, these problems become "troubles." Joe is worried frantic because his marriage is heading for the rocks, his wife threatening to leave him. The man working next to him is over his head in debt and the finance company is about to repossess the family refrigerator. Elsewhere in the plant, Bill is facing a battle with his landlord, Mary must find a home for her aged mother, Sam must decide whether to send his runaway son to a mental institution... Like drowning men, they all desperately need help. Where should they go? Not to a bartender, a well-intentioned neighbor, the corner druggist of amateur counselors. Many of us grope around for that helping hand, make mistakes, sometimes give up in despair. But there's a wide variety of resources right in your community where you can get just the kind of practical advice and constructive aid that will ease your burden and probably wipe out your "hopeless" mess. Here in your hand is a guide to the competent, reliable agencies and individuals you can call upon for help."

Good Reading Rack Service, 1956

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