Friday, March 22, 2013

Rediscovery Of America

"I have just returned from a 10,000-mile automobile journey of exploration of the United States after an absence of 15 years, revisiting the cities, towns and localities I used to know. I have been living abroad since 1940, and this was like moving into a new world. It was like being given a ringside seat for a close-up of the greatest peaceful social and economic revolution in recorded history. I had never seen an atomatic-energy plant, a Negro major-league baseball player, a jet-aircraft base of guided-missile center, a one-price housing development or a real super-market, married students' quarters in a university or the impact of 60 million cars rolling the highways. I had yet to encounter such new Americana as the luxury motel and a worker-owned factory. I was a stranger to a whole new way of life in a one-story, servantless, do-it-yourself, own-your-own home United States."

Good Reading Rack Service, 1956

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