Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Where There's A Will"

"Say, darling, do you have a will?" Asked, of her husband, Mrs. Quill. Her husband answered: "Yes and no - "I drew one many years ago, "But that was long before we married, "And since then I have been so harried "In my business, I've neglected "To have my testament perfected. "I want you to have all I own, "So I shall call on Lawyer Bone, "To make a will which, if you please, "Would let you live in style and ease." But Quill lived on, so rushed and busy (His occupation kept him dizzy), He never got around to Bone, And, dying, left his wife alone, With only what the law allowed. So half of what he left, a crowed Of Quill's collaterals have taken, And widow Hannah's half forsaken. One hasn't really much respect For thoughtless men whose grave neglect To change their wills to guard a mate Has left her in the hands of Fate."

Good Reading Rack Service, 1960

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